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Community Events

Sun Coast Networking Meeting
1-18-18 7:30 pm - West Community Library

Join us for breakfast (great food, and our patronage helps keep the doors open for our free meeting space!), and an energetic networking meeting that provides Business Idea Brainstorming, Business SpotLighting, a Gratitude Session and an...

Free Italian Language Classes
1-18-18 7:30 pm - West Community Library
The Saint Petersburg Italian Language Meetup

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes 6:00 and 7:00 p.m.

Early Christianity, Gnostic Gospels and Introduction to Gnosis Part I
1-18-18 7:30 pm - West Community Library
St Petersburg Gnostic Association

There are many gaps in the understanding of what happened in the early days of Christianity. The aim of this set of talks is to bring a broad, historic view of what took place by explaining factors that allowed the birth and growth of...

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Community Events

Twice Monthly Documentary and Street Photography Showcase.

Florida Center for Creative Photography

  This is an opportunity to show fellow FCCP Members what you have been shooting!   This is NOT a webinar or online event!   This is an opportunity to share your best photos with other FCCP members <strong style="color : #ff0000">via our...

Coffee & Photography at O'Keefe's Family Restaurant in Clearwater

Florida Center for Creative Photography

                                                Now Serving Breakfast! Welcome to our longest running series of events at the Florida Center for Creative Photography.  Every Wednesday morning, for over 7 years, we've...

Volleyball at Clearwater Beach

Semi-Serious Volleyball

Come join us for a fun day of volleyball at Clearwater Beach just south of Pier 60. This Meetup is free but if you drive a car you will probably have to pay for parking. There is free parking some distance a way from where we play. Some of our...